Armitage Security Consulting.

Just another small-time unrated corp, offering matrix and meatspace security services to other small-timers. Not interesting enough to be on anyone’s radar. And that’s the way they like it — because it’s just a front. The real ASC exists as a loose network of shadowrunners, coordinated by an agent program that calls itself Armitage.


Once upon a time, some enterprising runner realized that there was a lot of talent out there, just waiting to be pooled for the right jobs. She created a scheduling program of sorts, to find runners with the right skills for the jobs her fixers turned up. Eventually the scheduler was upgraded to an agent in its own right, and when its creator flatlined, Armitage took over the operation.

To most of its connections, Armitage is just another fixer. Some runners work with it on occasion without being full members of ASC, and most of them have no idea they’re working for a program. They get the less interesting jobs, but sometimes one of them will impress Armitage enough to get an invitation to the organization. When an interesting job comes along, the AI goes to its member list and figures out who the right runners are to get it done. When it finds a team of runners who work well together, it tends to keep them together as often as possible.

ASC is an unconventional organization, but Armitage has built a solid reputation among those in the know.

The Armitage Files

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